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Inheritance, Property and Real Estate Lawyers in Palma de Mallorca.

Abogados para Militares / Abogado militar experto en DERECHO MILITAR e IMPUESTOS

Inheritance, Real Estate Law and legal and tax advice in the process of buying and selling in Mallorca.

English-speaking lawyer in Palma de Mallorca who regularly provides expert legal advice to resident and non-resident clients involved in Property transactions, contractual disputes, inheritance matters.
Inheritance and Succession Lawyers. From counseling to put in order your testament suggesting the best institution for your needs before the probate performance.

We are specialised in Spanish Law in order to reduce high inheritance tax rates in Spain. Herce Abogados is a firm with the best Lawyers who can assist you with Inheritance in Palma De Mallorca.

Herce Abogados Inheritance and Real Estate Lawyers in Mallorca
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Inheritance Law:

Inheritance law is important, because it is the basis of the distribution of your Estate, but also because of its tax implications. We are a Spanish legal firm in Mallorca which provides professional legal services internationally to safeguard your inheritance in Spain and comply with legal obligations avoiding incurring additional taxes.

  • Wills
  • Inheritance Tax liabilities and the transmission of assets.
  • Transborder acceptance of inheritances.
  • Assistance obtaining a legalised copy of the death certificate.
  • Arrange a legal copy of any existing will.
  • Verification of the existence of any life insurance policies.
  • Power of Attorney to avoid excessive travel costs
  • Inheritance Acceptance Deed drawn-up with the public notary.
  • Payment of Inheritance Tax at the office.
  • New titles in the inherited assets are inscribed in the relevant registry
  • Simultaneous sale or disposal of assets if required (please request quotation).

Property & Land Law:

If you are thinking about buying a property in Spain, whether for investment, as a holiday home or for your retirement, you would be well advised and informed of the steps and circumstances that can occur, thus avoiding encountering any unpleasant last minute surprises. Real Estate Lawyers will explain clearly the structure of the process and its milestones (tax payments, exchange, completion, title investigation,), providing a structured route map, so that buying abroad is as enjoyable for you as possible. Herce Abogados advises on the following issues related to real estate law in Mallorca:

  • Our clients are international clients. We understand your needs and your expectations of service.
  • Purchase and Sale of Properties: enquiries; investigation of title, charges and third party interests; negotiation; exchange of contracts; completion, registration. Our real estate lawyers will handle the property transaction,
  • Short term lets for all kinds of properties, including flats.
  • Advice on the transmission of Land assets.
  • Advice on obtaining Planning Permission, Licences and Building Regulations.
  • We do not get commissions from banks, realtors, or construction companies. We work only for the client.

Commercial Law:

If you are thinking of establishing a company to hold property assets in it, selling it or raising capital.

  • Contract Law and contract based claims.
  • Constitution, sale and purchase of companies, amendment of Articles of Association.
  • Tax liabilities for Directors’ and employees’ service contracts
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Management buyouts.

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